A thousand words …

By Riley McDavid   Riley McDavid

In spite of having to make a sudden u-turn after just leaving home (“I thought you had the tickets,” I said.)  the McD’s made it to Casino Night again this past Saturday, along with hundreds of others.   “An even bigger crowd than last year,” Florence Sylvester Director Shirley Witt said. When we walked in a few minutes after six, the dice were rolling, the decibel count was close to raucous, and dozens of salivating foodies were already snaking their way through the delicious offerings in the buffet line.

Some highlights:

• The gambling went on nonstop for just shy of three hours. Vegas Knights, which annually provides the tables, dealers and croupiers, were as professional and helpful as ever.

• Like so much else in the Age Well world, the evening was made immeasurably better by the dozens of volunteers handling tickets, dishing out food, and picking up the inevitable stray plate and soiled napkin. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Age Well has the world’s best volunteers.

• The Silver Foxes, always a terrific instrumental treat, took their big band sound to new heights this year.

• Thanks to the generosity of many individuals, merchants and other organizations, dozens of holders of winning ticket numbers went home well rewarded after the drawings that concluded the evening.   Most notable among them: Jerry Young of Laguna Woods Village who made his way to the parking lot lugging a brand new 37-inch Vizio flat screen TV.

This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Florence Sylvester Center, thanks to the outstanding support of Saddleback Kiwanis and the major sponsorship of Dody Hohnstein and MemorialCare Medical Group.

“It was just a wonderful evening,” an obviously pleased Shirley Witt said as she decompressed from nearly an hour drawing tickets and handing out gorgeous gift baskets, money trees, high tech gadgets, and prepaid merchandise cards.

But enough of words.  Check out the smiling faces in the photos. And, oh yes, see the picture of Mrs. McD.  She’s standing at the roulette table.  (Unfortunately, her back is to the camera.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

August 8.  The Annual Donor Recognition and Board Installation at the Ritz Carlton, Dana Point, hosted by First Bank. High tea, wine and cheese reception. The event will be in the Pacific Promenade from 4 pm to 7 pm. Tickets: $50 per person.  For more information, call (949) 855-8033.

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