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Outstanding Charity: Voices From Harlem

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Meet Richelle and Maryam, two HCZ mothers who share similar stories. They were the special people that everyone turned to for help, but when things went bad for Richelle and Maryam, they turned to HCZ so they could keep their children safe and on track.

As part of helping children, the HCZ nonprofit organization serves families so they can do the best job possible to support their children’s growth and development. Toward that end, we do everything from teaching parenting skills to supplying warm coats to counseling families in crisis.

To change the odds for poor children and successfully get them to college, HCZ works in schools while addressing the various issues that affect our children outside the walls of the classroom. For families with few resources, we are sometimes their only lifeline.

All of our programs are provided free of charge through our fundraising events and the generosity of people like you.  Please take a moment right now to support our work. Your generous contribution will enable us to strengthen our children and families in Harlem. 

Harlem Children's Zone